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The Right Fit - Our Process

The Right Fit - Our Process

Finding the right footwear goes far beyond the perfect style, more than anything, the fit should provide you with optimum comfort, specially if it's something you wear for longer periods of time. Here at Sole to Soul, we make sure that we choose the right pair for you.

Our fitting experience always begins with you, the customer. A fitting session starts with a Brannock Device to ensure a proper fit. This device not only measures your foot’s overall length (heel-to-toe), but also your foot’s overall arch length (heel-to-ball). Because your footwear should flex at the ball of your foot, we want to ensure that your arch is positioned properly inside your shoe to allow this to be possible without discomfort. We will also measure your foot’s overall width to allow the right amount of space inside your shoe.

Because no two shoes are ever alike from manufacturer to manufacturer, our professional shoe-fitters are knowledgeable about various styles and fit characteristics. Sometimes our fitting process may involve trial fittings to ensure you receive the right size and fit. While you may typically wear one size in one specific type of shoe, be advised that your size may not be the same across the board. We also use terms such as narrow, wide, regular and extra wide to describe the way shoes fit.