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Hoka One One Meta-Rocker Explained and What it Means for You.

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Hoka One One Meta-Rocker Explained and What it Means for You.

Shoes with a rocker sole or rocker bottom feature thicker-than-normal soles that are rounded at either the toe, the heel, or both. This curve is designed and placed strategically so that the wearer does not land flat footed but instead on a on a curve to reduce pressure on the foot. 

Understanding the HOKA's Meta Rocker

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If you have ever shopped HOKA ONE ONE footwear you may have noticed a technical specification stating "Meta-Rocker for a smooth ride". The Meta Rocker is a HOKA ONE ONE proprietary technology that combines a low heel-toe drop and a traditional rounded sole rocker. This combination complements your natural stride and promotes a healthy running gait. 


Two Types of Meta-Rockers

metatarsal bones location


HOKA ONE ONE footwear with a meta-rocker can come in two varieties, early stage and late stage. This designation is based off the placement of the transition zone in relation to the metatarsal bones in your feet. Your metatarsal bones are the long bone beginning in the middle of the foot connecting the ankle to the toes.


Hoka One One Early vs Late Stage Meta Rocker

Early Stage Meta Rocker

Footwear from HOKA with an early stage meta-rocker places the transition zone of the rocker sole behind the metatarsal heads and closer to the heel. This placement create a smooth running or walking motion and a faster transition from the heel of the foot the the forefoot.

Late Stage Meta-Rocker

HOKA ONE ONE styles featuring a late-stage Meta-Rocker place the start of the rocker soles slop, also known as the transition zone, in front of the metatarsal heads. Having the slope closer towards the toe provides additional stability to the base of the forefoot.

Deciding What Meta-Rocker is Best for You

Who Should Wear Early Stage Meta-Rocker HOKA ONE ONE's

Early stage Meta-Rocker footwear from HOKA ONE ONE should not be worn by people who have any balance or stability issues. Instead we recommend the early stage Meta-Rocker to runners and walkers who can take advantage of the boost provided from the longer transition zone. We make this recommendation because the elongated slope helps transition the foot from heel to toe more easily which provides a biomechanical advantage at the cost of stability.  

Who Should Wear Late Stage Meta-Rocker HOKA ONE ONE's

Late stage Meta-Rockers from HOKA ONE ONE are the correct choice for people looking to reduce plantar pressures in the medial forefoot, central forefoot and toe regions. The late stage Meta-rocker may be a good choice for people with plantar fasciitis and midfoot or ankle arthritis. With a late stage Meta-Rocker you will have more balance and stability due to the reduced slope length. 

Have You Had a Professional Fitting?

Proper fitting footwear is one of the most important general health choices you can make. We always recommend that people visit their local running, orthopedic, or reputable shoe store to have a professional measure and evaluate their feet. This measurement will look beyond just legth but also width, and arch in order to suggest footwear matching the ergonomic shape of you foot. 

If you are located in the Calgary or Southern Alberta region come visit on of our Sole to Soul locations and get your free professional foot fittings. 


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