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All About Podiatrists

All About Podiatrists

We, Sole to Soul Footwear, have curated a list of best Podiatrists in Calgary for our customers. Visit them for the finest treatment that is available in Calgary.



Here are some quick FAQs you should know about Podiatrists. They're great people!

Q 1) What is a Podiatrist?

A 1) A podiatrist is a medical specialist who helps cure problems that affect your feet or lower legs. A podiatrist can treat injuries and complications from ongoing health issues specially like diabetes.

A podiatrist is also known as a podiatric physician or doctor of podiatric medicine.

Q 2) What school does one go to in order to become a Podiatrist?

A 2) There are specific schools of podiatry that one needs to attend to become a podiatrist. Podiatrists might not go to a traditional medical school. Podiatrists hold a DPM degree which stands for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. They have their own schools and professional associations.

Q 3) What kind of procedures can podiatrists perform?

A 3) Podiatrists can perform surgeries and fix broken bones. They can also prescribe drugs and can also order lab tests and X-rays. Podiatrists often work closely with other specialists when a problem affects your feet or lower legs. This is done to look at the issue with a comprehensive view. In the U.S & Canada., podiatrists are licensed and regulated by the governments.

Q 4) When should one see a podiatrist?

A 4) One must consult a podiatrist when he or she experiences the following.

  1. Foot Pain
  2. Thick toenails
  3. Discolored toenails
  4. Cracks in skin
  5. Cuts in skin
  6. Warts like growth
  7. Sole scaling or sole peeling
This is not an exhaustive list of issues that one may face before seeing a podiatrist. In case you're facing any other abnormality with your feet or lower legs,

do visit one of the podiatrists we have listed above.

Thank you