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New Balance Fresh Foam Everything You Need to Know

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New Balance Fresh Foam Everything You Need to Know

“They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes.” – Imelda Marcosintro

It is hard to imagine we use to walk, run, and compete in footwear with no midsole cushioning; and until this addition to modern athletic shoe we relied completely on the properties of a thin leather sole and our own joints to absorb impacts and support the feet. Luckily, decades of research and countless iterations have eventually lead to the development of technically advance midsoles like you will find in the Fresh Foam from New Balance.

What is New Balance Fresh Foam Technology

Fresh Foam Concave and Convex Geometric Structures

The New Balance Fresh Foam is a cushioned midsole designed using cutting edge material science, 3D motion captured pressure mapping, and force application data gathered from real athlete. This scientific and data driven approach to midsole construction has manifested in a shock absorbing layer of foam that utilizes convex and concave geometric structures in the midsole and sidewall for optimized balance between cushioning and stability. New Balance is confident that their Fresh Foam Technology offers the pinnacle experience across the widest population of users.

New Balance Fresh Foam Durability 

New Balance Foam Fresh athletic shoes are incredibly durable. You can expect to get 400 - 500 miles or 650 - 800 kilometers of wear out of each pair! Once you have passed this thresh hold you may notice some foam deflation and breakdown. We always recommend replacing your New Balance Fresh Foam footwear once you start to notice irregular foot strain, pain, or discomfort. The uppers of your footwear should last approximately as long as the Fresh Foam Midsole. 

New Balance Fresh Foam and Running

The New Balances collection of Fresh Foam running shoes has an option for every kind of athlete! From walking to golf and even baseball you can find a Fresh Foam runner that works for you. 

If running is your sport of choice the Fresh Foam 880's, 860's, 1080's are a great choice. Made with performance in mind New Balance has been sure to construct each pair with a dual-layer midsoles, double knit mesh uppers, and a blown rubber outsole sporting a 8-12 mm heel drop.

New Balance Fresh Foam for High Arches & Flat Feet

New Balances line of Fresh Foam footwear are a great choice for people with high arches. They offer ample ankle support, roomy toes boxes, and removable insoles allowing for orthotics to be inserted. Further, the structure of the cushioned midsole helps distribute foot pressuring reducing strain and absorbing repetitive impacts. 

New Balance footwear with Fresh Foam midsoles are also a healthy choice for people with flat feet or sunken arches. The supportive sole is firm but cushioned and the insole can be easily removed and replaced with an orthotic. Additionally the same support that helps athletes competes also ideal for regular day use. 

New Balance Fresh Foam Shoe Fitting

Fresh Foam Shoe Construction

New Balance Fresh Foam sneakers fit true to size. We have rarely experience any sizing issues with the Fresh Foam collection of sneakers and almost always recommend our customers purchase their regular size. One incredible feature of the New Balance fitting experience is the large array of width choices available. We suggest you visit a local running shop to have your width measured before purchasing. Alternatively, use our at home measurement tool to find your width! A proper width is essential to health footwear.  

New Balance Fresh Foam Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance manufactures footwear that is in general good for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. The Fresh Foam line in particular offers the orthopaedic and bio-mechanically excellent heel and forefoot support that feet battling Plantar Fasciitis need. This support combined with a wide toe box reduces stress and compression on the forefoot helping alleviate pain, bunions, and hammertoe deformities. 

So are New Balance Fresh Foam Worth it?

Absolutely. If you are looking for a comfortable, supportive, and quality pair of athletic shoes you should at least consider a pair from the New Balance Fresh Foam line. Fresh Foam footwear ticks all the same boxes that as Hoka, On Running, and Nike do but with the addition of extra widths and American manufacturing!