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New Balance 990 Canadas Coolest Dad Shoe

New Balance 990 Canadas Coolest Dad Shoe

You may have noticed everyone wearing this particular grey sneaker. The New Balance 990 has become a phenomenon across Canada, and one of the best sellers in all our Calgary locations. But why has this walking shoe traditionally worn by dads become such a hot item?  Well the answer is quite multi faceted, but we hope to explain exactly what the hype is about and why you should jump on the bandwagon. 

We will discuss:

  • Who are New Balance
  • The History of the New Balance 990
  • Why 990s so Popular?
  • New Balance 990 made in America
  • Buying New Balance 990s

New Balance can most easily be described as a sneaker company, but their main goal is to provide footwear that helps both professional and everyday athletes alike in their daily pursuits

Each pair of New Balance shoes blends cutting edge performance technology, functional designs, and incredible style. This is made possible by their dedicated and passionate staff who infuse their incredible skills and creativity into each model. 

New Balance is a staple of our business and a best seller in all our Calgary locations. They believe in the mutual success and opportunity of their retailers, customers and staff.

History of the New Balance 990:


Why 990s so Popular?

Since the release of the original 990 in 1982 New Balance has been synonymous with the dad shoe. This focus on comfort over style has made New Balance and its wearers the target of internet meme culture.  



But in 2016 with the 990v4 release New Balance started to see success in a new unlikely markets, street wear and high fashion. These subcultures were fascinated with the chunky style of the 990 and sold on the comfort they offered. Further, 990s provided all the style of exclusive designer brands like Balenciaga, Raf Simons and Yeezy with better construction, lower cost and improved comfort technology. 


The 990s ability to defy trends, remain relevant, and cultivate such a strong following is a testament to the quality of shoe. 990s can handle harsh Calgary winters and humid Toronto summers alike. With the release of the 990v5 New Balance has once again impressed their original fans, Dads, while also creating a unique fashion statement. 

New Balance 990 made in America

New Balance is one of the few major shoe manufactures who assembles shoes in the USA. Each year their American manufacturing creates over 4 million pairs of athletic footwear. New Balance shoes labeled "Made in the USA" have a domestic value of at least 70% and are created with the highest possible amount of domestically supplied materials. This is in thanks to the over 7,000 American workers employed at New Balance, their suppliers and the five facilities in Maine and Massachusetts.

Buying New Balance 990s

Due to high demand finding New Balance 990s can be difficult. Sole to Soul footwear sells 990s at all our Calgary locations as well as online. Pick your pair of New Balance 990s online and pick them up in store.